Snapshot of me 10(1)“To philosophize is to learn how to die.” – Socrates

A blog to record thoughts and ideas, research, or any arguments in relation to: Metaphysics, Existential Phenomenology, Continental/Analytic Philosophy, Religion, Critical Theory, Science, Poetry, Post-Modernism, or Psychology.

“I never learned to live. In fact, not at all! Learning to live should mean learning to die, learning to take into account, so as to accept, absolute mortality (that is, without salvation, resurrection, or redemption – neither for oneself nor for the other). That’s been the old philosophical injunction since Plato: To philosophize is to learn to die. I believe in this truth without being able to resign myself to it. And less and less so. I have never learned to accept it, to accept death, that is… I remain uneducable when it comes to any kind of wisdom about knowing how to die or, if you prefer, knowing how to live. I still have not learned or picked up anything on the subject. The time of the reprieve is rapidly running out.”

— Jacques Derrida, 19 August, 2004


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